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Optical Communication: A Comprehensive Guide By Mk Raina (11th Edition) ((FREE))

Optical communication is the transmission of information using light as the carrier. Optical communication systems have many advantages over conventional electrical communication systems, such as higher bandwidth, lower attenuation, lower interference, higher security, and lower cost. Optical communication systems consist of three main components: optical sources, optical detectors, and optical fibers. Optical sources generate optical signals, optical detectors convert optical signals into electrical signals, and optical fibers guide optical signals from one point to another. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to optical communication systems, covering both intensity-modulated and phase-modulated systems. We will explain the basic principles, design, analysis, performance, impairments, compensation techniques, applications, and future trends of optical communication systems. We will also refer to the latest publications and online resources for further reading.

Optical Communication: A Comprehensive Guide by Mk Raina (11th Edition)



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