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Every day brings new innovations and activation opportunities in the news.


The EAB is dedicated to making it simple for brands to know where their investments will generate the best outcomes based on their goals.


We showcase leaders in the space and highlight the activities needed to create initial successes that can be built upon.


We recognize and appreciate that we can’t make it too easy for brands to engage given all of the opportunities within and beyond games and esports.

Showcase best practices

Highlight leadership opportunities

Provide development and implementation roadmaps and case studies

The organization's Executive Director is Stuart Lipson, a 30-year veteran of the media and technology industry.

The Advisory Board consists of top executives from companies including WarnerMedia, Twitch,, Comcast Spectacor and Canoe. These executives have successfully launched and driven billions of dollars in media revenue to new advertising opportunities and engagement platforms.



Stuart is trusted and respected for creating and finding new revenue opportunities for media companies leveraging technology capabilities, products and services. His experience includes content production, acquisition, distribution and monetization across television, broadband and mobile platforms. He has held leadership positions within the cable MSO environment, leading technology companies and television commercial film production environments. Stuart created Media Bridges, LLC in 1996 with the explicit mission of helping content, distribution and technology companies extend and enhance their revenue and customer acquisition efforts across emerging technology opportunities. He earned his Masters degree in the Management of Technology from Polytechnic University NYU School of Engineering, his Bachelors degree from the University at Albany and is a member of the Directors Guild of America

Stuart Lipson

Executive Director


Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Rival

Paul Brewer

EAB Advisory Board Member


RVP - East, Twitch Properties at Twitch

Nathan Lindberg

EAB Advisory Board Member


SVP, Sales, WarnerMedia Sports

Seth Ladetsky

EAB Advisory Board Member


Principal, Leap Media Group

Chris Pizzurro

EAB Advisory Board Member


Chief Revenue Officer, Spectacor Gaming - Comcast Spectacor

Josh Cella

EAB Advisory Board Member


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